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There is nothing more satisfying than helping people. We've seen it over and over again; many people who try the Amega Wand want one for themselves. You can be the person who makes it happen, and it feels great when you see the positive impact your efforts have on others. It also feels great to earn an income at the same time!

In addition to your family and friends there are so many people who can benefit from this wellness technology that it can turn into a rapidly growing business for you. Amega even provides you with your own website that you can send interested people to.

For just a few dollars more than purchasing the wand itself, you can become an Amega Business Associate (or, you can become a Business Associate later too!).

Click here and choose the "Enroll" option at the top of the page, and you'll have the opportunity to purchase the wand and other fine Amega energy wellness products, and you'll immediately become an Amega Business Associate. You can start earning money right away, by selling Amega products and signing up other Business Associates under you; you'll receive a commission on their sales as well.

About the Amega Wand

The wand is filled with a special combination of granulated minerals processed using proprietary AMized Fusion Technology® to resonate at Zero Point Energy. This helps the body source the universal life force energy which our body needs,

People are Reporting the Amega AMWand Helps:

  1. Discharge energy blockages and strengthen the flow of energy in their bodies
  2. Relieve pain, discomfort and support healing
  3. Correct energy imbalances in the body
  4. Energize the liquid they drink, and the food they eat
  5. Neutralize the harmful elements (energetically) from food and drinks
  6. Energize skin creams and oils
  7. Stimulate bodily functions and strengthen immunity
  8. Supplement energy deficiency in pets & plants

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Using the Amega Wand is Easy:

  • Point the AMWand and rotate clockwise 3,9,18 times
  • For more effectiveness, point as close as possible,
  • You can also stir liquids with AMwand (with proper hygiene)
  • Use the AMWand on face for your skin
  • Use the Amwand to help energize your food and water
  • Press and rotate at least 3 times on all finger and toe tips to help unblock energy

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The Skeptic Recieves the Wand & Shares Some Early Experience

Saturday, 3/6/2010

I received the Amega wand this past Tuesday, and I've had the opportunity to use it for several days. Here are some impressions/results:

  • Overall I feel more energy, both physically and mentally, a more positive attitude and a feeling of enhanced freedom (whatever that means!). To achieve this, I use the wand on the various energy centers as recommended by the use instructions.
  • Almost every time I use the wand, I can feel it's energy working.
  • I use the wand on my lower back to maintain a pain free condition.
  • I read about people giving themselves "face lifts", so I tried the wand on the entire area of my face. The skin became firmer and smoother after a single session, and my impression is that I look several years younger
  • I had some flaky skin patches in a couple of places on my face for 2 years now. After one session with the wand these disappeared (nothing else has worked on this, and it was most surprising).

I don't think I can classify myself as a skeptic too much longer.


A Rather Remarkable Experience

Saturday, 2/27/2010

I had a rather remarkable experience with the Amega wand this evening.

We had a small meeting tonight, and one of the attendants had autoimmune dis-functionor problem which was causing head pain. We used the wand on him for 10 minutes including various places on his head and also his solar plexus and heart regions.  Soon after, his pain was gone, and was still gone the following day.

While we moved the wand near him, we called someone we knew who had a serious chronic condition for several years and had recently purchased an Amega wand. We put him on speakerphone. He told us that he was wanding himself 3 times a day, had stopped taking any medication, and all symptoms from his condition were not longer manifesting, to the great amazement of his doctor.


Why I'm Involved With the Amega Wand

It's extremely simple; because of the results I've experienced and that I've seen others experience.

I was very skeptical about such a device. I've seen and experienced the results of using energy to help heal and alleviate pain, but I've also seen products that produced no discernible results when I tried them.

So when my friend and business partner told me about the device, I could not share the excitement. I wanted to try it myself.

Practical Experience

When I finally had the opportunity to try the Amega wand, all soreness and tenderness in my cheek and throat disappeared within 10 minutes of using the device. This area had sustained an infection the week before, and was still feeling the effects.

I proceeded to try it on my perpetually sore lower back. The pain and soreness disappeared within 15 minutes and remained gone several days after the wand was used.

I was very impressed and saw how this could be powerful for so many people. This technology is extremely simple to use, non-invasive, and, at least in my case, produced results that were remarkable.


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